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Binary Transmissions

Cybertronian Past

  1. Binary Leader

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    ALLEGIANCE: The Most Beneficial At The Moment
    FUNCTION: Master Cybertronian Computer
    MOTTO: "Byte me."

    PROFILE: In the ancient era of Cybertron, T1 was once the supreme ruler of all that lay in his optic. Hard times have fallen on the meager forces remaining in the Cybertronian Alliance. T1 subsists as no more than a living hologram, substaining himself on the memory of the glory that Cybertron once held.

    Cybertronian is now fractured into a dozen warring factions, each fighting for dominance. T1 assists whichever faction meets with his desires at the moment. Just as the Great Wars once tore his beloved Cybertronian Alliance into sectors, T1 once again must witness the dismemberment of his unified planet. As his armies lay shattered, T1 took control of the Cybertronian Alliance. Never does a day go by that the ancient computer does not think of his once vast empire. He merely passes the time in between the day he will once again unify cybertron.
    Abandoning his old bot shell, T1 now exists purely as binary code. Utilizing his new form, T1 navigates all the systems on Cybertron, frequently appearing as holograms of other Autobots and Decepticons. At the moment, it is not truely known what his role or agenda seems to be; or rather what purpose his entity has left. Some say he is no more than a complex computer program running it's task, no longer a ghost in the shell, but a legend to those who make up the last of the Legacy of Cybertron.